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Lighter Cosies plain

Lighter cosies plain colours no ring or string attached. (price per piece)

Lighter Cosies with string

Lighter cosies with string for hanging around your neck. (price per piece)

Lighter Cosies key holder

Leather lighter holders / cosies with key holder.  (price per piece)

Leather earrings

Well crafted earrings with stainless steel pin 

Hand Dyed Lighter Cosies plain

Hand dyed lighter cosies are very unique, not one is the same, each item is unique.  (price per piece, deco not included)

Hand Dyed Lighter Cosies key holder

Hand dyed lighter holders / cosies, with key holder, not one is the same, each item is unique.  Made from full grain leather. (price per piece, deco not included)

Coin Pouch small

A smaller version of the large Coin Pouch.  The perfect keepsake for coins, gemstones, jewelry.  (deco not included)

Spectacles Case

Very neat full grain leather case to keep your spectacles safe.  Unisex protective case for glasses or sunglasses.  (deco not included)

Minimalist Wallet

Black and Red is beautiful together. Small and functional holds up to 8 cards in the front and bank notes in the back. (deco not included)

Tobacco Pouch

Lined tobacco pouches for that extra defined look.  (deco not included)

Minimalist Wallet

Small and functional, the little ones really do make a difference in you pocket.  (deco not included)

Coin Pouch large

A string pouch for coins, gemstones or jewelry.  A convenient keepsake for small valuables.  (deco not included)

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