Smoking and Pipe products

Tobacco Pouch

Lined tobacco pouches for that extra defined look.  (deco not included)

Almost Round Bag

A different look for your pipe, nice neat and protected. (deco not included)

Pipe Roll

A neat pipe roll that will protect your friend.  (deco not included)

Valet Tray

Full grain leather valet tray.  Perfect organizer for keys, tools, coins, watches, cufflinks, pipes, etc. (deco not included, price per piece) 

Lighter Cosies plain

Lighter cosies plain colours no ring or string attached. (price per piece)

Lighter Cosies key holder

Leather lighter holders / cosies with key holder.  (price per piece)

Hand Dyed Lighter Cosies plain

Hand dyed lighter cosies are very unique, not one is the same, each item is unique.  (price per piece, deco not included)

Hand Dyed Lighter Cosies key holder

Hand dyed lighter holders / cosies, with key holder, not one is the same, each item is unique.  Made from full grain leather. (price per piece, deco not included)

Lighter Cosies with string

Lighter cosies with string for hanging around your neck. (price per piece)

Zippo holder

Keeping your companion safe with stylish design. 

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